One controller – unlimited applications

The FST-2XT is designed for use in hydraulic and traction lifts and can handle the different challenges covering the entire range of installations from small to very large. Thanks to its modular design, the FST-2XT is unbeatable both in standard applications as well as with special solutions as it can be expanded nearly limitlessly, making it very flexible and highly customisable. The FST-2XT is mechanically and electrically compatible with the prior FST-2. On the large colour TFT display, the FST-2XT Guide displays important information regarding, among other things, the currently selected menu item.

Main features

  • Compact design: Pre-control module and safety circuit bypass control integrated on the FST-2XT circuit board
  • Plug and Play: Prefabricated travelling and bus cables with plug-in connections on both ends
  • Automatic calibration and learn drives
  • Cost efficient layout guarantees superb cost-performance ratio
  • Integrated UCM-A3 monitoring: Detection*, triggering, shutdown and function test according to EN81- 1/2:1998 + A3:2009
  • LON bus technology is systematically applied on all components, for flexible installations and uncomplicated commissioning
  • Up to 64 floors with two buttons
  • Up to 8 group members within an FST-2XT group control system
  • Up to three car doors can be controlled
  • Three separate microprocessors for lift management, drive control and bus
  • Digital shaft positioning with absolute value or incremental encoders
  • Micro SD card slot and USB port for extensive and detailed logging of LON bus traffic, drive curves and group statistics
  • Serial interface for PC or modem/fax
  • DCP inverter interface
  • CAN interface
  • Ethernet interface with 100/10 Mbps
  • Lift attendant interface for LMS24/7 and third-party products
  • Controller menu in English, German, French, Polish and Swedish
  • Completely compatible to FST-2 and all according modules
  • Up to 80 programmable inputs and outputs
  • Fire recall and fireman service according to various standards
  • Evacuation control
  • Error storage, drive and door call statistics
  • Operating hours, drive and door cycle counter
  • Brake, motor and contactor monitoring
  • Determination of landing and braking distances through automatic calibration drive
  • Anti-nuisance function
  • Emergency call suppression
  • Password (4-digit)
  • Park drive (3 programs / weekday)
  • Car light monitoring, installation mode
  • Car fan control
  • Various call modes
  • More than 35 drive controls selectable
  • Control menu also available remotely via the HHT hand-held terminal, XT terminal app as well as the LMSEleVision and LMS24/7 lift monitoring systems
Integrated special functions
  • Energy-saving mode (ESM)
  • Various VIP controls
  • Various loading functions
  • Visitor control for penthouse suites
  • Lobby stop for hotels
  • Lift attendant mode
  • Disabled call control
  • Ramp control
  • Bank control (up to 16 user groups)
  • Folding or telescopic apron control
  • Up to 8 blind or pseudo floors programmable
  • Car/landing priority drive (several variants)
  • Evaluation of safety curtains
  • Various porter functions
Supported special functions
  • Remote monitoring and remote control via LMSEleVision, LMS24/7, modem, fax, GSM, etc.
  • Interfaces for transport systems such as “Swisslog” or “Transcar”
  • Emergency control for hospitals
  • Dangerous goods transport control
  • Signal light control with car positioning
  • Loading barrier control
  • Sabbath control
  • Electric and hydraulic pawl control
  • Radio transmission to the car (for inclined lifts without travelling cable)
  • Interface to REM/TM4/Teleservice/KRM/Rekoba systems

Technical data

Dimensions (L x W x H) 200 x 310 x 50 mm
Supply voltage 24V DC
Power consumption 300 mA


Service & Downloads

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Tutorials & Schulungen

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