Unlimited performance in the smallest possible space

The slim version of the proven NEW LIFT control system was developed especially for use in door frames. This is made possible by its extremely narrow width of just 106 mm (mounting plate 120 mm). In addition, all FST-2XTs operating elements are designed with respect to size and position so as to facilitate easy operation through small access openings.

Main features

  • Low space requirements:
    The FST-2XTs (eXtended Technology slim line) was developed especially for installation in door frames.
    Its slim construction is, however, also ideally suited for other lift concepts where there is no machine room.
  • Small but powerful:
    The narrow design was implemented without sacrificing performance.
    Compared to the FST-2XT, the FST-2XTs offers even more functions.
  • Group functionality:
    Just like FST-2XT, the FST-2XTs can control groups with up to 8 members when expanded with a group controller circuit board.
  • Installation options:
    Mounting plate for door frame installation, surface-mounted control cabinet (control cabinet column),
    flush-mounted control cabinet

The FST-2XTs features the same specifications, functions and special functions as the FST-2XT.
For instance, the FST-2XTs can also control groups of up to 8 lifts and 64 floors.

Please refer to the FST-2XT brochure for detailed information.
In addition to the corresponding functions of the FST-2XT, the FST-2XTs has the following special features:


The integrated piezo buzzer provides warning and confirmation signals for critical states as well as for various test drives.


The emergency mode monitor integrated in the TFT display shows all relevant information of the car should it be necessary to evacuate passengers:

  • Physical direction
  • Position, relative to the floors
  • Speed
  • Door unlocking range
  • Closest floor

The FST-2XTs is compatible with all FST-2 components.
The same terminal assignments as the FST-2s are used.

Integrated special functions

In addition to the special functions available in the FST-2XT, the FST-2XTs also makes possible the following special functions:

EBS assistant
(levelled evacuation stop assistant)

  • In case of a manual electrical evacuation, the lift automatically stops levelled at the next floor.

FAT assistant
(speed governor test assistant)

  • With the FAT Assistant test function, the speed governor is activated automatically. This triggers the safety gear at a preselected floor and facilitates easy removal of the test weights from the car.

Its small dimensions alone make the FST-2XTs perfect for use with systems designed without machine rooms. The FST-2XTs also features an integrated lift attendant panel. The operating unit including emergency mode monitor provides all functions needed by the lift attendant to perform a passenger evacuation or for test drives.

The integrated lift attendant panel has the following operating elements:

  • On/Off evacuation switch for passenger evacuation
  • Brake release button for brake A and B
  • Auxiliary mode Up/Down
  • Key switch for brake test and shaft door reset
  • Voltage-free programmable button
    (default configuration as anti creep device).

Technical data

Dimensions (L x W x H) 500 x 106 x 101 mm
Supply voltage 24V DC +/- 10%
Power consumption 400 mA


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