Lift Monitoring

Multifunctional web platform for lift monitoring and lift attendant

The future of lifts is networked. Elevision 4.0 is a web platform that constantly monitors the state of your lifts in real time, thereby providing more safety and efficiency.
Its main feature is the maximum availability of the installations through:

  • A reduction in downtime
  • Notification in the event of faults
  • More efficient planning of service

Elevision 4.0 offers you other advantages as well:

  • Increase in operational safety
  • Improvement in service quality
  • Increase in efficiency and lifespan

Mobile access possible via all web-enabled devices without additional software (workplace computer, tablet or smartphone).

  • Transparency of the lift systems
  • Electronic lift attendant
  • Administration of system documentation with log book
  • Blackbox recorder for uninterrupted recording of all events
  • API interface to an operator’s own solutions

Elevision 4.0 is provided by NEW LIFT as a cloud platform at www.elevision.de. The user receives individual online access for logging on and off. The lift is connected via our PAM-E4 multifunction gateway using the following possible interfaces:

  • Ethernet
  • WIFI
  • GSM

The states of various sensors, such as temperatures, energy consumption, environmental data and load conditions, can also be transferred via the CAN interface. Provision is also made for state monitoring of frequency inverters, door controllers, braking modules.


A configurable dashboard serves as the start page.


The individual lift systems can be displayed via a list or on a map view. To narrow down the selection of the displayed systems, filters can be set in both views: e.g., area, current availability or trends.


In the Map view, coloured pins and an indicator on the edge of the screen provide a quick overview of the availability of the systems and the detailed current status of the systems.


Real-time monitoring of the lift system with live data, such as shaft positioning system, door state, calls, system state. The live data is available in two views:

  • ཛྷཛྷ Campus view (top view)
    You can freely upload floor plans, street maps or building plans. If you use multiple Campus views, you can switch back and forth between the views for quick orientation to obtain an optimum overview.
  • ཛྷཛྷ Shaft view (vertical model)
    The virtual Shaft view provides you with detailed information on individual floors. Shaft views of individual or group controllers can be displayed.

The virtual keypad of the FST controller enables configuration, resetting of error messages and remote control.


In the Event Log view, a list of events that have occurred up to the given point in time is displayed. With the help of various filters, you can easily search for specific events.


The log book is a simple ticket system for documenting events in the past and for system-specific administration of to-do lists.


Depending on needs, you can store additional details about your lift system here, such as door manufacturer, drive manufacturer, maintenance data and maintenance information.


Elevision 4.0 makes the following usage statistics available:

  • Data on system availability
  • Data on utilisation
  • Trends
  • Energy consumption
  • Condition monitoring values and analyses