What’s the best way to the top? By bringing together the right people. These are, of course, our employees. But they include our partners as well. Because in each of our some 500 custom modules with special controllers are the ideas, requests and expertise of customers, operators, planners, experts and suppliers.

As forward-looking as we are with respect to digital technology, our understanding of values is equally traditional – NEW LIFT, good old values! As a medium-sized company, reliability, predictability and loyalty are essential in dealing with employees and business partners. You can therefore count on our word and on our handshake.

And, should a problem happen to arise, prompt and flexible service ensures satisfied customers and users. Our employees make sure of this. And, where there are many experts, there is no need for rigid hierarchies, but rather well-coordinated teams. It’s no surprise that our path and that of our customers has led constantly upward since 1986.