Covid-19 News

Dear Business Partners,

You probably feel the same way as we do, the current situation is changing almost daily – not only for each of us, but also for our companies. It is therefore important for us to inform you how we are dealing with these unusual circumstances.

In advance: We can still be contacted and are available to deliver. In addition, you will obtain our products as usual in the familiar, proven quality.

The health and safety of our employees and business partners has the utmost priority here. We precisely apply the measures recommended by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) and the authorities.

In addition, we have also introduced the following steps:

  • We analyse the situation daily and examine all necessary measures to protect our employees and maintain production.
  • At our site strict hygiene regulations and safety measures are in place.
  • The production was changed to two-shift operation, enabling us to maintain an emergency team in reserve.
  • Appointments, team meetings and personal meetings with business partners are reduced to a minimum or handled by means of telephone conferences.
  • A number of our employees from the areas of administration, accounting, logistics, disposition and sales are working from home, but can still be contacted by you under the respective extension and email addresses – the other part is still on site to supply you with goods.

Our suppliers have assured us that they have also introduced all necessary measures as required by the RKI – we are all pulling in the same direction. As a consequence, our ability to supply has a solid foundation.

In the event of supply bottlenecks occurring nevertheless, we will inform you at an early stage and we are sure to find a solution together.

We wish you all the best and one thing in particular: good health!