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The intelligent FSTEditor PC program facilitates comfortable programming of the lift system on your computer.


The EAZDesigner from NEW LIFT is a program for customising your displays. With the Windows graphics user interface, you can set up all display properties. Data created in the editor can be tested directly on the computer using the program's simulation mode.

Data is transferred from the PC to the controller via the standard FST-PC cable. The data is automatically downloaded from the FST to the position indicator via the FST-LON bus. The installed position indicators can thereby be customised according to your clients' individual preferences without shutting down the system.


The SAMEditor software includes an extensive and professional sound library.
You want to create your own background music and/or messages for your lift system? No problem: with the SAMEditor, you can easily also include external WAV and MP3 files. There are no limits to your creativity! With the SAMEditor you can also record your own audio files.

Just copy your finished project to a standard SD memory card and insert the card in the SAM.

LON Module Center

NEW LIFT provides the LON Module Center PC tool for programming the ADM landing call modules.

LMSEleVision software

This software is an extensive PC tool for displaying and processing the LMS bus data. The following applications are available:

  • Monitoring
  • Remote control
  • Diagnostics
  • Statistics
  • File transfer
  • Scheduler
  • Evacuation function
LMS24/7 software

The LMS24/7 software contains the central database for all accumulated messages. The automatic call acceptance feature of the LMS24/7 software facilitates effortless around the clock monitoring of all connected systems. You can manage all of your systems in detail and with a clear overview here.

The following functions are available:

  • List of standard and emergency calls by priority and date
  • To-do list with maintenance scheduler
  • Custom maintenance intervals depending on requirements
  • Client-Server option